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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Current News

If any LCWD customers have  any questions regarding the latest article published in the June 21, 2013 issue of the Mountain Enterprise regarding the June 11, 2013 LCWD Regular Board Meeting, please feel free to use the email link below to contact us with your questions.  Here are some facts that may have been overlooked or excluded:

The Grand Jury report arrived at our office the first week in April with explicit instructions, that the contents of the report were confidential until public release on May 14, 2013.  At the end of their Recommendations, they posted their website, to contact them for early releases and stated to post a copy of the report where it would be available for public review.

The report was ready to add to the agenda for discussion at the June 11 Meeting.  A district customer reminded us that a copy of the report needed to be posted at the LCWD office for public review and we did so immediately. 

The Grand Jury’s recommendations are as follows;
  1. Proper responses to the previous two 2011-2012 Grand Jury Reports should be made, on District letterhead, and signed by the Board of Directors.
  2. When funds become available the District should purchase another District vehicle for the second Water Operator to drive to perform job requirements.
  3. The District vehicle should be appropriately marked with a District decal for identification.
  4. When funds become available the District should provide medical benefits to the employees.
  5. All Board Members should complete AB1234 Ethics Training every two years.

An ad hoc committee was formed at that June 11, 2013 Regular Meeting to answer these recommendations. This will be addressed at the next Regular Board Meeting and will be voted upon at that time.

The last of our Well parts have finally arrived and will be installing on the State Well this next month, bringing LCWD into State compliance on all of our wells.  We are extremely happy to have accomplished their requirements on all three wells in such a short period.

We lost our Lebec Well motor this year due to freezing and are now researching the cost of protective structures over our wells to handle extreme weather.  This is a very important preventative measure to avoid very costly repairs in the future.

Our new Truck is operational now with our new logo and phone number.  This was a much needed addition to the District.

Last month LCWD addressed some road concerns.  The road leading to the Lebec tanks was in such bad condition that our service truck was getting stuck in the ditch alongside the road. This was extremely hazardous, but also a liability.  We also addressed two other road problem areas, one with no turn around area by the Phillips tanks and a small area on Cuddy Valley Rd, near Mesa Valley Road, that had a very shallow pipe crossing the road.  All of these road problems were corrected.  Thank you to Vice President Venegas, for graciously giving his time and the use of a dump truck to spread donated crushed asphalt on the many problem areas.

And finally, we have completed the first cleaning and sanitizing of our many tanks.  The second should begin shortly.  This service was long overdue and should improve our water quality in the future!